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About Us

I have had an interest in, and worked on, horse drawn vehicles of one kind or another for over 20 years and have always had a soft spot for gypsy caravans - or wagons to be correct, and can still vividly remember my first sight of a group of bow top wagons being pulled by heavy horses passing through the Lincolnshire village in which we lived - a rarity even then!

Some years later, we had the opportunity to buy a bow top caravan, which we sited in our meadow and it has served for many years as a playhouse for our children, and as they grew older, somewhere to have their friends for campfires, parties and sleep overs.

We noticed the 'grown ups' also tended to gravitate in that direction for picnics, barbecues and just generally lazing on summer afternoons with a glass of wine ..

And when night fell, the caravan became a magical place to sleep in - close to nature and the elements, yet safe, dry and cosy.

We have had a huge amount of enjoyment as a family in and around our gypsy caravan, and it has attracted so much favourable comment from children and adults alike, that we decided to start The Gypsy Caravan Company and build a caravan that was aimed at the whole family .. after all, why should kids have all the fun?

Laurence Ward

gypsy caravan play houses
Secondhand Bow Top Caravan - A rewarding project for the right person
Dappled sunlight filters through our willow tree
Children's Gypsy Caravan - A well deserved sundowner!
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