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The Reading style gypsy caravan for sale from The Gypsy Caravan Company

Gallery - Dray Restoration

Dray Restoration - Just one of the many parts that we needed to replace
Dray Restoration - Making a mortice joint for part of the lock
Dray Restoration - Ash is widely used in wagon construction due to it's strength and relative lightness
Lining out a wheel - A steady hand needed for this job.  (The old wagon painters used to have a glass of beer before they started, to steady the nerves!)
A fully lined out wheel - Over 100 lines on the spokes alone, most of which have to be painted in from two ends
The fully restored dray - All ready to have a caravan top built

This is an old dray, which would normally be used as a flat cart, but is often used to form the base or 'unders' for older gypsy wagons.

As can be seen from the before and after photos, this involved completely dismantling it, renewing rotten timber, carving new butterfly chamfers, painting in lemon and finally lining out in traditional maroon and green.

For the lining out we use a special paintbrush without a handle, which allows more control

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