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Gallery - Child's Caravan

Children's Gypsy Caravan - We painted this in the palest shade of lilac Child's Gypsy Caravan - Interior showing cosy sleeping area Interior of Children's caravan - We used high quality purple and off white fabric with a stitched piping to line the roof
Children's Gypsy Caravan - We used laminated safety glass for all the windows Traditionally Made Wheels - Our wheels are all made using traditional methods and materials Children's Gypsy Caravan - Solid oak steps lead to front porch area
Children's Gypsy Caravan - Time to close the shutters Child's Gypsy Caravan - Nutmeg and Pepper get in on the act Children's Gypsy Caravan -Nutmeg thinks it should be her playhouse!
These are pictures of a child's bow top caravan that we recently made.

The timber roof is insulated and covered in a heavy waterproof canvas.
The rear window opens and has sliding shutters on the outside, and at the front there is a stable door with half windows over.

There is a generous sleeping area complete with a 4" foam mattress, with storage areas below.

The interior is lined with a high quality heavy 100% cotton fabric, which is also used for the matching curtains.

Like our Reading caravan, the wheels, axles and steps are all made from solid hardwood.

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